Factory panorama

The above picture shows the company's production workshop. During the production process:

1. The safe passage in the workshop is unobstructed, the ground is clean and bright, without any debris and dirt, and the safety passage line and setting line are complete and clear.

2. The personal workbench and the surrounding area should be cleaned up after work hours, and there should be no debris. There must be no debris in the area outside the personal workbench during working hours.

3. The passage is unobstructed, and the semi-finished products and parts are placed in the prescribed position, and the fire passage cannot be occupied.

4. The electrical switch of the workshop and the fire cabinet cannot be occupied, and keep it free of debris.    

The workshop area is reasonably planned, the production environment is neat and orderly, the goods are arranged neatly, and the equipment runs smoothly. It has improved the production efficiency and product quality, met the environmental requirements of the production process, and achieved civilized production and safe production.


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